A walk of Life

Can you affix your feet deep into the ground,
until the earth beneath you screams?
then cast a shadow much much longer
than your longest darkest dreams.

Can you breathe until the blowing wind cries:
"Please! Inhale nomore"?
then exhale with astounding grace an’ might,
as though you've acquired divine Lore.

Can you feel authentically proud of who you are,
yet still be modest at heart?
and remind yourself every mortal minute
that conceit tears the soul apart.

Can you look your enemy right in the eye,
until his will wearily breaks down,
perseverance being your dearest virtue,
like a king endears his crown?

Can you forgive those who hurt you most,
then forget what they’ve done too?
and learn to resort to sweet forgiveness,
no matter what they did or still do.

Can you embrace and help the tired and weak,
through the magical powers of your soul?
can you always be there for those who need you,
no one for you, yet you for all?

Can you love and give gracefully and utterly,
expecting nothing at all in return?
can you enjoy the company of sorrow an’ sadness,
and treasure the lessons you learn?

Can you maneuver around the twisted turns of life;
no matter how sharp becomes a turn?
thankful you are for every caught breath,
and grateful for every hurting burn.

Can you try to become a better person,
by fixing what life struggles bend?
you’ll live a life worthy of living,
you’ll be a decent human my friend.

A. L. Gomaa© 12 September 2006